About US

The fire was lit for the Moore Bats series during the Pandemic where Darin decided to invite 12 and under kids to his house to swing wood bats. This is where he wanted to give these kids the biggest barrel possible while keeping the weight significantly lower. With the feedback from the kids on what they liked he was able to make this happen. Of course he did not want to exclude the older kids and this is where the company name grew into. 

Darin Moore's love for baseball started as a kid. He could remember many days where it was just him and his dad on the field catching grounders, hitting balls, and working on mechanics for pitching. His dad's motto was that hard work beats good talent that does not work hard. By living and breathing this Darin was able to be MVP his senior year of his high school league, then went on to get a scholarship to UOP, and finally get drafted in the 5th round to the Oakland A's.